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How a Small Country’s Gift for Trade Created a Golden Age of Great and Popular Art

Investigating Rembrandt – one of the greatest paintings in Glasgow, but who is the man in the painting?

Trade and Prosperity – A seafaring nation – Dutch sea power in the 17th century was a major influence on how Dutch art developed.

Everyday Life? – how Dutch artists painted people at home, and what messages can be read into these paintings.

Landscapes and the Art Market – the astonishing variety of Dutch landscapes and what they tell us about society and the art market.

Still Life – what these paintings tell us about 17th-century Dutch interest in the world around them.

The Dutch and Religion – paintings reveal the differences between Protestant and Catholic life.

Flemish Painting – religious divides in the 17th-century Netherlands influenced how art developed in the north and south.

The Five Senses – discover the symbols representing the five senses in Lairesse’s painting.

To Reach

From the First Floor Entrances

Unless you need step-free access, the easiest way to reach this gallery is via the Northeast Stairs from the North Foyer. Turn left at the top of these stairs, then left again into the first entrance.

From the Main Entrance

Whilst you could make your way via the Lower East Stairs, (or the outside stairs to the North Entrance) to Ground Floor Level, then via the Northeast Stairs to First Floor Level, you may as well use the lift.

Via the Lift

From the Main entrance, continue past the Shop, turn left and continue to the wall at the east end of the central space, then move right, past the entrance to the Restaurant, to locate the East Lift.

Go to First Floor Level, turn right (north) and continue to the top of the Northeast Stairs, in front of you. Turn right then left, into the first entrance.


Going Clockwise From the West Entrance

South Side


West Side

  Investigating Rembrandt

North Side

  various paintings, see KelvinGrove literature
jutting south, The Dutch and Religion
jutting south, Dutch Everyday Life

East Side

  large painting, A Man with an Arch-Lute

Continuing North Side

  retreating north, Flemish Art

West Side

  painting, Nature and Her Followers

North Side

  various paintings

East Side

  entrance to Italian Art
painting, The Five Senses
disabled persons toilet

South Side, Going West

  east entrance
paintings, various, see Kelvingrove literature
jutting north, Still Life paintings
retreats to south side
various landscapes
west entrance

The Central Features, from the West

The West Feature

West Side, Going South
  interactive, Who is the Man in Armour?
glass case, model of Ship, Leef Op Hoop
South Side
  painting, Ship, Eendracht
East Side
  posters about trade and prosperity of seafaring Nation
North Side, Going West
  painting of ship
painting, portrait of a Dutch naval Commander
below this, glass case, old guns

Continuing East

east feature
South Side, Going East
  painting, Still Life of Haddock Plaice Crabs and Lobster
painting, Fruit and Oysters
East Side
  glass case, Chinese Porcelain,
North Side, Going West
  2 portraits, see Kelvingrove literature
Painting, an imaginary Mediterranean sea port

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