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Expression – How we express ourselves, and why we need to

Masks and Masquerades – masks can transform the wearer, and are used in performance, ritual, protection, fun and intrigue.

Ancient Sicilian Soap Opera – how the characters and plots in Greek Comedy were very similar to today’s movies and TV soaps.

Animal Speak – animals have many ways of communicating – find out why and how.

Beauty and Ugliness – personal and sometimes surprising selections of objects representing beauty and ugliness.

The Body Beautiful – different cultures have their own idea of male and female beauty which can be seen in art throughout the ages.

Chinese Symbols – Chinese art is full of symbols which still have meaning today.

Patterns of Change – how the beadwork created by North American Native peoples has changed to meet new circumstances.

To Reach

From the Main Entrance

Continue past the shop entrance and take the turning left. Locate the south entrance to the Shop on your left and turn right here to locate the Lower East Stairs. Go up two flights of stairs to Ground Floor level then turn left. You cross the passage towards the lift before you reach the East Court.

Via the Lift

Continue, to the wall then move to your right, past the entrance to the Restaurant and locate the East Lift to your left. At First Floor level, turn left (180 degrees) and continue into the East Court.

From the rear entrance

Enter the Main Hall, pass the seating outside Coffee at Kelvingrove, to your right then turn right and continue, across the top of the Lower East Stairs, across the passage to the lift, into the East Court.


The East Court occupies three of the five units (north/south) of the Ground Floor space, the outer two being occupied by galleries - Looking at Art to the north and Scottish Art to the south. The atrium, above the central area is bounded by a balcony at first floor level. This balcony is supported by six pillars along the north and south sides, whilst to the east, the three units are defined by entrances to Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style (the outer two) and the East Stairs in the middle. The units to the west were explained in the overall description of the Ground Floor.

There's a statue of Queen Victoria in the middle of the south entrance. This is in the southwest corner of three rows of busts which extend towards the east end of the space. The Orechestrian is opposige the foot of the East Stairs - we witnessed demonstrations at about 16:00 during our survey.

West Side

  2 pillars, blank door in north one

North Side

  various masks
entrance to Looking at Art
stuffed animals in cases

East Side

  blank door
passage towards Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style

North Side

  ladies toilets

South Side

  blank door

Continuing East Side

  East Stairs
passage towards Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style

North Side

disabled persons toilet

South Side

  gents toilets

Continuing East Side

  blank door
cases show travel items

South Side, Going West

  children's paintings
glass cases
entrance to Scottish Art
glass cases

West Side

back wall of Coffee at Kelvingrove
staff door
south entrance

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