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How French Painters Saw the Light and Coloured Our Lives

Changing Styles in 19th-century French Painting – Between 1850 and 1910, landscape painting in France changed dramatically.

Light on Water – how different artists met the challenge of painting water.

People Out of Doors – French artists moved away from painting agricultural scenes and began painting people at leisure.

Viewpoints – how artists select the scenes they paint, and the decisions they make.

Still Life – artists turned to still life painting for a wide variety of reasons.

Vuillard’s Figures in a Room – unusual snapshot-style paintings full of pattern.

Portraits – artists paint people’s faces for many reasons, and not all of them are traditional portraits.

To Reach

From the First Floor Entrances

Unless you need step-free access, the easiest way to reach this gallery is via the Southeast Stairs from the South Foyer. Turn rightt at the top of these stairs, continue to the wall at the end of the walkway, turn left and take the turning right into the French Art gallery.

From the Main Entrance

Whilst you could make your way via the Lower East Stairs, (or the outside stairs to the Rear Entrance) to Ground Floor Level, then via the Southeast Stairs to First Floor Level, you may as well use the lift.

Via the Lift

From the Main entrance, continue past the Shop, turn left and continue to the wall at the east end of the central space, then move right, past the entrance to the Restaurant, to locate the East Lift.

Go to First Floor Level, turn left (south) and continue to the top of the Southeast Stairs, in front of you. Turn left, continue to the wall at the end of the walkway, turn left and take the turning right into the French Art gallery.


This is a large, rectangular gallery with the two sections of the Fragile Art sections off the northeast and southeast corners.

Going clockwise from the entrance from the main walkway.

West Side

  paintings, including Still Life by Renoir

North Side

entrance from Italian Art
various paintings, see Kelvingrove literature
entrance to Fragile Art

East Side

  various portraits, including poortrait of Alexander Reid by Vangogh
landscapes, including Vetheuil, by Monet

South Side

  entrance to Fragile Art
paintings, including The Reapers, by Julius Breton
entrance to Every Picture Tells a Story

West Side

  paintings, including The Blue Fin Windmill at Montmartre, Vangogh
entrance from main walkway

Central Features

There are two central display features in this gallery.

North Feature

West Side, going North
  horizontal poster, in southwest corner, describing French Art
seats to view paintings
horizontal, interactive to show how artists worked
North End
  Interior, The Drawingroom by Edouard Vuillard
East Side, Going South
interactive, Funny Faces
South Side

The South Feature

North Side, Going East
  horizontal poster, in northwest corner, French Art, Find out More
East Side
interactive, River Trip
South Side
  interactive, audio-visual, try to establish the paintings here, touch screen demo
West Side
  interactive, Building the Street

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