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How Glasgow Inspires and Infuriates People

Symbols that Divide – why are symbols of sectarianism so powerful in Glasgow?

I Belong to Glasgow – experiences of South Asians who have settled in Glasgow.

Violence Against Women – looks at ways in which women, throughout history, have been kept silent and powerless.

Glasgow in Mind – a look at the history of mental health care in Glasgow, and psychiatrist RD Laing’s influence.

Glasgow and the Wild West – Glasgow’s fascination with the Wild West has its roots in the emigration of Scots in past centuries.

James Watt – how Watt’s invention of the steam engine changed the face of industry.

To Reach

>From the Main Entrance

Continue past Reception then turn right, towards the Campbell Hunter Education Wing and turn left, as you reach the gap toward the toilets to your right. This brings you to the foot of the Lower West Stairs. Go up two flights of stairs to Ground Floor Level, the Mini-Museum is in front of you. Turn left, into the Main Hall then right and go through the last passage to your right and continue into the first section of the gallery.

Via the Lift

Continue, past the gap to the toilets and locate the wall in front of you. Turn left, past the entrance to the Campbell Hunter Education Wing and locate the West Lift to your right. At Ground Floor Level, turn right (180 degrees), continue into the West Court, move to your left and go through the side entrance to the gallery, on your left. You enter the Glasgow in Mind section.

From the Rear Entrance

Enter the Main Hall, take the first turning left and continue into the first section of the gallery.


The gallery is laid out in six sections from east to west, as described in the summary above. There are audio-visual displays of sectarionism in football and abuse of women. We understand that other audio-visual displays are being set up.

As all the displayed material is within glass cases or purely visual, we spare you the complexity of a detailed description of this complex space.

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