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How the Most Astonishing Human Creativity Was Accompanied by Violence and Brutality

Renaissance Chapels an altarpiece painting is the focus of a calm, chapel-like display.

Art of the Italian Renaissance brings together Italian Renaissance painting, glass, armour and ceramics.

The Craft of Art how painters were trained, and what techniques they used.

Northern Renaissance during the Renaissance, artists outside Italy also produced beautiful works.

To Reach

From the First Floor Entrances

Unless you need step-free access, the easiest way to reach this gallery is via the Northeast Stairs from the North Foyer. Turn left at the top of these stairs, take the second (east) entrance into Dutch Art, then take the turning right into the gallery.

From the Main Entrance

Whilst you could make your way via the Lower East Stairs, (or the outside stairs to the North Entrance) to Ground Floor Level, then via the Northeast Stairs to First Floor Level, you may as well use the lift.

Via the Lift

From the Main entrance, continue past the Shop, turn left and continue to the wall at the east end of the central space, then move right, past the entrance to the Restaurant, to locate the East Lift.

Go to First Floor Level, turn right (north) and continue to the top of the Northeast Stairs, in front of you. Turn right then take the second (east) entrance into Dutch Art, then take the turning right into the gallery.


As you move east along a short passage, to your right (south) is a small room with a painting of Mary and Child with music playing. We're advised that CD's of this and other music can be bought from the Shop.

Continuing east into the rectangular gallery, going clockwise from the Entrance from Dutch Art

West Side

  entrance from Dutch Art
round painting of Madonna and Child
2 other paintings, see Kelvingrove literature

North Side

  blank wall
seats to right, religious paintings to left

We think there should be audio-visual in this area, however we were not sure how to start this at the time of our survey.

Continuing North Side

  New Perspectives, various Renaissance paintings

East Side

  Made in Venice
painting, the Adulterers Brought Before Christ

South Side

  poster, the Art of the Italian Renaissance
entrance to French Art
religious paintings
poster, North Italian Renaissance Art
seat on left
passage towards Dutch Art, at west end

North Section

North Side, Going East

  glass case, plaques and miniature works of art
seat for audio-visual, mentioned above
glass case, various porcelain and glass artefacts

South side, Going West

  glass case, glass and porcelain
glass case, pottery painting methods,; describing pigments and other techniques
poster, Training to be a Renaissance Artist
glass case, pottery

South Section

West End

  large plate, showing Last Supper

North Side, Going East

  long sword and shield
various heraldic displays

East Case


South Side Going West

heraldic display

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