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How Art Gives Up its Secrets, but Can Still Be Mysterious

Looking at Art what inspires artists, and how do artists express themselves?

The Artistic Optician : John Quinton Pringle an optician with a passion for art, who developed a unique style of his own.

Investigating Art paintings are not always what they seem and can change in fascinating ways.

Art Through a Lens the art of the photographer in portraying nature and city life.

To Reach

From the Main Entrance

Continue past the shop entrance and take the turning left. Locate the south entrance to the Shop on your left and turn right here to locate the Lower East Stairs. Go up two flights of stairs to Ground Floor level then turn right, continue into the Main Hall. Turn right, continue to the wall then turn right again and go through the passage into the gallery.

Via the Lift

Continue, to the wall then move to your right, past the entrance to the Restaurant and locate the East Lift to your left. At First Floor level, turn right and continue to the wall then turn right again into the gallery.

From the rear entrance

Enter the Main Hall, pass the seating outside Coffee at Kelvingrove, to your right and continue to the far side of the hall before turning right into the last passage. Go through this passage into the gallery.


This is a large, rectangular gallery with three central display features. You enter facing east from the Main Hall

Going Clockwise from the West Entrance

West Side

  poster, Conservation in Action
painting, see Kelvingrove literature

North Side

  painting, John Glassford and Family
poster, Investigating Art
Painting, William Meldrum
paintings, various
jutting out, sculpture, Nocturnal Landscape, George Harvey
poster, Looking at Art
painting, self portrait John Byrne
bust of R B Cunningham Graham

East Side

  entrance to Art Discovery Centre

3 paintings, Glasgow Scenes

South Side

  painting, Windows in the West, Avril Paton
various paintings
entrance from East Court
Art Through a Lens, photographs, various Glasgow scenes

West Side

  poster' City Life
entrance from Main Hall

The West Feature

West End

  painting, Girl with a Burmese Umbrella, showing difference brought about by cleaning paintings

North Side

  interactive, the Art of Conservation
painting, Doorway with a Water Barrel
jutting out north, glass case
East Side
  how paintings are cleaned
North Side
  interactive, Can You Solve the Mystery of the Third Man?

East Side, Going South

  photographs of astronomic phenomena
jutting south
Anything Can Be Photographed, with various viewers
photos of Scottish wildlife

South Side, Going West

  various photographs

The Middle Feature Two Sections

North Section

West Side
North Side
  glass cases, How pictures can be changed
East Side
South Side
  changes that have happened to pictures
poster, Pringle, the Optician
more paintings of Pringle

The South Section

West Side
North Side
  selection of glasses
arch with large pair of glasses
East Side
South Side
  the story of John Quinton Pringle
glass case with glasses and other opticians equipment

The East Feature

West Side


North Side

  paintings by Lowry and Constable
interactive, the Art of Looking
jutting north, Modern Italy, Painting by Turner

East Side

  portrait of Frances, daughter of Oliver Cromwell
jutting north, interactive, the Art of Looking
2 paintings

East End


South Side

  painting, the 39th Week Counting, other side of interactive
jutting south, painting, The Family Party, the Minuet
round to west side, painting, Flowers and Insects
other side of interactive, various paintings

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