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Where under-5s can have lots of hands-on fun.

To Reach

From the Main Entrance, continue past Reception then turn right, towards the Campbell Hunter Education Wing and turn left, as you reach the gap toward the toilets to your right. This brings you to the foot of the Lower West Stairs. Go up two flights of stairs to Ground Floor Level and continue (south) into the Mini-Museum.

If you need the lift, continue, past the gap to the toilets and locate the wall in front of you. Turn left, past the entrance to the Campbell Hunter Education Wing and locate the West Lift to your right. At Ground Floor Level, turn right (south), continue to the wall in front of you, then move left to enter the Mini-Museum. There's a statue of Elvisd Presley to your right (west) of the entrance.

From the Rear Entrance, continue into the Main Hall, follow the left-hand side and go through the second gap on your left into the Mini-Museum.


This is a rectangular space which extends across one arch from the Main Hall and extends two arches west. The rectangular area within this space contains glass cases showing a large range of objects of interest to children and has been made as tactile and interactive as possible.

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