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Arctic Lives

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of people and animals in the Arctic.

To Reach

From the Rear Entrance

Unless you need step-free access, the easiest way to reach this gallery is via the Southwest Stairs from the South Foyer. Turn left at the top of these stairs, enter the Scotland's First People gallery via the second entrance. Turn right here, into a passage and take the turning left, up a slight slope, into the Object cinema.

From the Main Entrance

Whilst you could make your way via the Lower West Stairs to Ground Floor Level, then via the Southwest Stairs to First Floor Level, you may as well use the lift.

Via the Lift

From the Main entrance, continue past Reception, turn right and continue to the wall at the west end of the central space, then move left to locate the West Lift.

Go to First Floor Level, turn right (south) and continue to the top of the Southwest Stairs, in front of you. Turn right and take the second turning left into the Scotland's First People gallery. turn right, into a passage then take the turning left, up a slight slope, into the Object Cinema.


You enter this space via an upward slope leading south from a corridor which runs past the Object Cinema into the Conflict and Consequence gallery. There are two entrances, at the east and west end. The theme is Arctic Survival, there are four screens depicting aspects of Arctic life.

South Side

How life survives in the Arctic, projections onto pictures on walls with sound track. Glass cases show Arctic life and Inuit Peoples.

There are four screens, two on the south wall, two on the north. The exhibits are triggered by presence.

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