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This is the main feature of the east section of the Lower Ground Floor.

You can either sit in the main area, in line with the entrance, or in the Conservatory which lies to the left (north) as you enter. There is table service with breakfast and lunch menus.

To Reach

Having entered via the Main Entrance, continue, past the shop entrance, then take the turning left. Continue to the wall in front of you then move right to locate the entrance to the Restaurant.


You enter facing east.

The Main Restaurant

West Side

blank wall

North Side

  administration desk including pay point, cloakroom and menus
opening to conservatory
pay point

East Side

  serving area, staff only
door to kitchen

South Side

  pay point, near southeast corner
tables, north of the pay point
wall juts out
sculpture, on wall
tables, against wall
pay point in southwest corner

Along the centre, running east-west are two rows of tables.

The Conservatory

This is a single-storey, glass roofed area lying north of the main restaurant. Going clockwise from the entrance.

West Side

  blank wall

North Side

  fire escape door
wall with windows

East Side

  pay desk

South Side

  gap from serving area
wall with windows
entrance from Restaurant

There are eight double and six single tables in this space.

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