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How Looking Abroad Brought a Breath of Fresh Air to Scottish Art

The Glasgow Boys a group of Scottish artists who rebelled against Victorian sentimentality and revolutionized Scottish painting between 1880 and 1895.

The Scottish Colourists at the start of the 20th century, artists Fergusson, Peploe, Cadell and Hunter brought a colourful French style to Scottish painting.

To Reach

From the Main Entrance

Continue past the shop entrance and take the turning left. Locate the south entrance to the Shop on your left and turn right here to locate the Lower East Stairs. Go up two flights of stairs to Ground Floor level then turn left, continue into the East Court and take the turning right into the gallery.

Via the Lift

Continue, to the wall then move to your right, past the entrance to the Restaurant and locate the East Lift to your left. At First Floor level, turn left (180 degrees) and continue into the East Court and take the turning right into the gallery.

From the rear entrance

Enter the Main Hall, take the first turning right and continue into the gallery.


This is a large, rectangular gallery with two central features.

Going clockwise from the entrance from the East Court.

North Side

  various paintings, including landscapes and Glasgow Exhibition 1888

East Side

  painting, The Highland Funeral, James Guthrie
The Dance of Spring, E A Hornell
entrance from Looking at Design

South Side

  paintings including: A Galloway Landscape
painting, An Ayrshire Stream
The Druids - Bringing in the Mistletoe
glass case, The Glasgow Boys Story
various small paintings

West Side

  various paintings
entrance from Main Hall
poster, Scottish Art, How Looking Abroad Brought a Breath of Fresh Air to Scottish Art

North Side

  painting, A Lady in Black, F C B Cadell
poster, F C B Cadell
various portraits, by Cadell
poster, Viva la France, about the Four Colourists
various paintings
bronze, Head of Eastre
poster, John Duncan Ferguson
entrance from East Court

East Feature

Around the Outside

East Side
  painting, Homewards, William Kennedy
South Side
  Moonrise by Macaulay Stevenson
gap to the inside of this feature
the Hudson River
A Japanese Lady with a Fan
various paintings
retreats north
West Side
  poster, A Spent Force, The End of the Glasgow Boys
South Side
  painting, Anna Pavlova, John Lavery
West Side
North Side
  pictures of the Glasgow Boys
jutting north
West Side
  gap onto raised floor, inside this feature
North Side
northwest corner blank
poster, Back in the Studio
various paintings

Inside the Feature

East Side
  painting, In The Orchard
South Side
  painting, the Fur Boa
the Quiet Day in the Studio, John Lavery
large portrait of Lillian May Law
Southwest Corner

The West Feature

Outside the Feature

East Side
  sculpture, Wife of Flanders
South Side, Going West
  painting, Old Duff, S J Peploe
gap to the inside of this feature
painting, The Brown Crock
painting, Roses
West Side
  painting, the Orange Blind, Cadell
North Side, Going East
  painting, Damaged Destroyer
gap to the inside of this feature
painting, Mont Geron, J D Ferguson
portrait, A Hat with Bird, Ferguson
West Side
  2 small Ferguson paintings
North Side
  poster, The Scottish Colourists - F C B Cadell, J D Ferguson, Leslie Hunter, S J Peploe

Inside the Feature, Going Clockwise from the South Entrance

The south, west and first part of north sides contain paintings by Leslie Hunter.

North side Continued
poster, Lesley Hunter, more of his paintings
East Side

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