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why Our Wildlife Is a Treasure and What We Should Do to Keep It

Birds From Your Window – even in the middle of a large city you can see many different kinds of birds through the seasons.

Wild About Glasgow – Glasgow has a lot more wildlife than you might think.

Aliens – how did non-native species of animals and plants become firmly established in Scotland?

Famous Scottish Wildlife – red deer, golden eagles and thistles are well known – but what about hooded crows, primroses and crested tits?

Life in Scottish Lochs – the water in sea lochs and freshwater lochs is different, and so are the animals that live there.

Creatures in Camouflage – how and why animals use camouflage to blend into their environment.

A Fish’s Tale – the story of a mysterious fish’s head found near Loch Lomond.

To Reach

From the Main Entrance

continue past Reception then turn right, towards the Campbell Hunter Education Wing and turn left, as you reach the gap toward the toilets to your right. This brings you to the foot of the Lower West Stairs. Go up two flights of stairs to Ground Floor Level, turn right (180 degrees), continue to the wall then turn left (west) and continue through the passage into the gallery.

Via the Lift

Continue, past the gap to the toilets and locate the wall in front of you. Turn left, past the entrance to the Campbell Hunter Education Wing and locate the West Lift to your right. At Ground Floor Level, turn left (north), continue to the wall, turn left again (west) and continue through the passage into the gallery.

From the Rear Entrance

Continue into the Main Hall, follow the left-hand side, go through the fifth (last) passage on your left and Continue (west) into the gallery.


This is a rectangular area with most of the display along the middle, running east/west.

East Side

blank wall

South Side

  blank wall
gap into West Court
blank wall

West Side

gap to Environment Discovery Centre, towards northwest corner

North Side

poster of places to go wild in Glasgow, showing various parks and green spaces
poster, see Scotland's famous wildlife

East Side

  fire extinguisher, on floor

The Central Display, Going West from the Entrance

  Immediately in front of you, "A Fish's Tale"
raised area, showing length of a Pike

The north side of the raised area is bounded by glass cases with various displays of fish and culture relating to fishing.

The raised area also has pictures of shellfish and other marine creatures. The floor also indicates camouflage, children are asked to find hidden creatures.

On the south side are glass cases showing seafood, emphasising camouflage of eggs, etc.

To the west of the raised area are displays, King of the Kelvin, a large Atlantic salmon, osprey with fish.

There's an audio-visual of Scotland's wildlife in action on the east side of the display area facing you. This display area, opposite the gap from the West Court is a large display of miscellaneous stuffed creatures, with the audio-visual mentioned above in the northeast corner.

The west section is based around a map of Glasgow on the floor, slightly raised. There are different displays inside and outside this space.

Outside the West Section

South Side
  glass case with animals, called “Wild Action”, birds of prey etc.
water fowl and waders
West Side
North Side
  spring birds
autumn birds
various small animals
East End
  interactive, showing origins of various animals, we’re asked to select those which are native to Scotland, as opposed to those which are alien
local introduced species
Southeast Corner
  other alien species

Inside the Space

East Side
  interactive, asking what wildlife have you seen in Glasgow
posters, Keeping an Eye on Wild Glasgow
North Side, Going West
  interactive to select birds, giving songs
summer birds
South Side, Going East
  glass case showing forest wildlife in trees
display giving names of what's in previous case
Wildlife in Glasgow
display showing that which thrives on decay
Between a Rock and a Hard Place - moss, ferns and lichens

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