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There are three shops selling a wide range of souvenirs, cards, prints, CD's etc.

The main shop is on the Lower Ground Floor, whilst the others are at Ground Floor Level, one beside the Rear Entrance, the other in the North Foyer.

The Main Shop

There are two entrances, one to your left, opposite Reception, as you come in via the Main Entrance, whilst the other is to your left, as you make your way towards the Restaurant.

The public area is a T-shaped space with the cross arm running north/south and the leg running west, towards Reception. The counter is on the north side, to your left as you enter from Reception.

Beside the Rear Entrance

The shop is to your right (east) at the top of the steps outside the Rear Entrance to the Museum. As you go through the door, facing east, the counter is in front of you.

In the North Foyer

The door is to your left (east)as you enter the North Foyer, between the entrance doors and the foot of the Northeast Stairs.

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