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To Reach

Via the North Entrance

If you don't need step-free access, the easiest way is to enter via the North Entrance at Ground floor Level then go up either the Northeast or Northwest stairs. From the top of either of these, you simply turn 180 degrees (right from the northeast or left from the northwest) stairs and continue up five steps into the Study Centre. Note, there's a handrail to your right at the east entrance.

From the Rear Entrance

From here, you can go up either the Southeast or Southwest Stairs, at First Floor level, continue towards the stairs on the north side of the building. If you reach the top of the Northwest Stairs, move right (otherwise left at the top of the Northeast Stairs) and continue (north) up five steps into the Study Centre. Note, there's a hand rail to your right at the east entrance.

Via the Lift

If you need the lift, we suggest you come in via the Main Entrance and use the East lift to First Floor Level. Turn right (north), continue to the top of the stairs in front of you and move left). Continue (north) towards the Study Centre, there's a wheelchair lift to your right (east) of the steps.


This is a rectangular space with entrances in the south side and the reception desk between them. There are banks of computers and the Reading Room on the north side.

South Side

  steps at east entrance
fire extinguishers
glass cases of ceramics, wide range of artefacts
reception desk juts north and continues west
wide range of leaflets and objects relating to exhibits throughout the building
glass cases with wide range of objects
gap to steps at west entrance
3 glass cases and sculpture of Melody, jutting north of steps

West Side

  Native American artefacts

North Side

  horizontal poster, Kelvingrove Story
bank of computers
door to Reading Room

The Reading Room is a carpeted area with computers and a growing range of books and magazines.

Continuing North Side

  glass case, various artefacts
blank door
bank of computers
recess, horizontal poster, Scottish Exhibition of National History, Art and Industry 1911

East Side

  glass cases, armour, various North African pottery

South Side

  gate to wheelchair lift, button on right
rail to steps juts north towards a row of glass cases leading north

The Glass Cases at the East Entrance, Going Anti-Clockwise

East Side

West Side

  Remarkable Cutlery
Shoes of 18th and 19th Century
Cypriote Pottery
sculpture of The Spring Tide of Life
  The Seton Murray Thomson Collection
Sacred Beings towards the east side at the top of the steps

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