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The Museum for Transport is located in the southwest corner of the Kelvinhall International Sports Arena, which is on the south side of Argyle Street, between Blantyre Street (east), and Bunhouse Road (west).

To Reach

By Bus

The nearest bus stops are in Dumbarton Road, a few metres west of the bridge over the Kelvin.

From the North Side of Dumbarton Road

You get off at bus stop 6090232, which serves:

Get off the bus and turn right, after a few metres you cross the river, from this point, you're in Argyle Street. Shortly after this, you locate the tactile paving indicating the crossing of Argyle Street.

Continue Towards the Museum

From the South Side of Dumbarton Road

You get off at bus stop 6090233, serving:

Get off the bus, turn left and cross the river. The first turning right is Bunhouse Road, the Museum for Transport is on the other side. Traffic comes from your left, though there is no pedestrian control of this crossing. Cross Bunhouse Road, turn right and Continue Towards the Museum.

From the Subway

The nearest Subway station is Kelvinhall, on the north side of Dumbarton Road. we have published text guides to Glasgow Subway System and Kelvinhall Station.

Turn right from the Subway then left along Dumbarton Road, cross Byres Road, which has a pedestrian controlled crossing with rotating cones, as you continue (east), you pass:

  row of shops
Church Street, no tactile, no pedestrian controlled crossing
side entrance to the hospital, the Anderson College Complex
another side entrance to the hospital
tactile paving indicates a crossing of Dumbarton Road
entrance road to hospital
exit from hospital car park
road to University
tactile on east side of this indicates an entrance into the park, before the bridge
wall juts out with large scale map of Kelvingrove Park facing you
Bus stop 6090232
bridge over the Kelvin, the road veers right and becomes Argyle Street

A few metres east of the bridge, tactile paving near the kerb indicates the crossing of Argyle Street, towards the Museum of Transport. This single-stage crossing has a sounder, a post with push button to each side of you, at each end of the crossing, the right-hand post has a rotating cone. Cross Argyle Street and turn right, then turn left into Bunhouse Road.

As you turn left, you cross the slip road which runs across the main entrance to the Kelvinhall building.

You locate the wall of the building, which curves left as you enter Bunhouse Road. You pass a series of five sets of steps leading to an entrance to the building which was closed at the time of our survey. Continue (south) along Bunhouse Road. You cross tactile paving indicating a crossing towards the museum car park, which has no pedestrian control, before you locate the steps to the entrence of the Museum for Transport.

These steps are divided into four sets by double hand rails. The two outer sets aren't used, take either of the centre ones. Of these, the central rail runs the entire length of the steps, whilst the outer two go round a pillar at the foot of the steps and are broken by the landing between the two flights.

Go up one small step then 12 and 12 steps, going east. There are two sets of two pairs of pull doors in front of you. Go through these, into a lobby of which the left-hand wall leads slightly right (southeast) towards three pairs of doors leading east into the museum. Note that the right-hand side of this lobby leads towards areas not for public access.

If you need to use the lift, continue past the steps, past a blank door and take the next turning left, the lift door is in front of you after a few metres, the call button is to your right of the door. Inside the lift, the button is to your right as you enter. At museum level, you exit facing east into the museum space.

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