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Life – How We Live and What that Does to the World

Spitfire – what was it like to be a Spitfire pilot, and what is our plane’s story?

Sir Roger the Elephant – the story of our famous elephant.

Nature’s Record-breakers – a look at animals and plants that break records.

Our Solar System – Fulton’s Orrery – an amazing piece of 18th-century engineering that recreates the known solar system.

Mineral Beauty – what minerals are, and a celebration of their beauty.

Understanding a Landscape – a landscape painting shows how rocks and natural forces shape our views.

The Baron of Buchlyvie – a famous Clydesdale horse sold for a record-breaking price.

Flying is Like…– where poetry and strange and beautiful flying objects come together.

Charms and Healing – throughout the world, people put faith in charms and rituals to keep them safe.

To Reach

From the Main Entrance

Continue past Reception then turn right, towards the Campbell Hunter Education Wing and turn left, as you reach the gap toward the toilets to your right. This brings you to the foot of the Lower West Stairs. Go up two flights of stairs to Ground Floor Level, turn right and continue into the West Court.

Via the Lift

Continue, past the gap to the toilets and locate the wall in front of you. Turn left, past the entrance to the Campbell Hunter Education Wing and locate the West Lift to your right. At Ground Floor Level, turn right (180 degrees) and continue into the West Court.

From the Rear Entrance

Enter the Main Hall, follow the left-hand side and go through the third archway, across the top of the Lower West Stairs to your left, across the walkway to the lift and into the West Court.


The West Court occupies three of the five units (north/south) of the Ground Floor space, the outer two being occupied by galleries - Glasgow Stories to the south and Scotland's Wildlife to the north. The atrium, above the central area is bounded by a balcony at first floor level. This balcony is supported by six pillars along the north and south sides, whilst to the west, the three units are defined by entrances to Creatures of the Past (the outer two) and the West Stairs in the middle. The units to the east were explained in the overall description of the Ground Floor.

Going West from the Middle Arch

Sir Roger the Elephant, beyond him, in the middle is a display of stuffed, large animals and birds. The Spitfire is hanging from the ceiling slightly towards the west end of this space.

East Side

rear of Mini Museum

South Side

  slight step up onto a map of the Solar System
off map
glass case across walkway, containing Orrery, mechanical means of showing the workings of the Solar System
entrance to Glasgow Stories
glass case jutting out, Mineral Beauty
jutting out, painting of Bowling

West Side

  blank door
passage towards Creatures of the Past

South Side

  ladies toilets

North Side

  blank door

Continuing West Side

  wall juts out
foot of West Stairs
passage towrads Creatures of the Past

South Side

disabled persons toilet

North Side

  gents toilets

Continuing West Side

  glass case with stuffed apes
blank door

North Side Going East

  blank wall
glass case, skeleton of the Baron of Buchlyvie, famous Clydesdale horse
pictures of horses, on wall
glass cases with animals
entrance to Scotland's Wildlife
glass case with butterflies
glass case with old medicines

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