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As you go aboard, you go up a slight slope, up the lowered bow, then up a small step into the boat. There’s a rail across the boat at this point, with a gate that could be closed during the crossing.

You’re on an open deck area with life rafts which can also be used as seats. The wheel house is in front of you, with a door to your left and right. The left-hand door leads into the covered passenger area, whilst the right-hand one is not for public use.

As you enter the passenger area you go over a slight bump and along a short passage beside the wheel house, into the covered area. There’s a ticket machine to your left within this passage. At the time of our survey the fare was £1 for adults, £0.50 for children and free for concessions.

The covered area has seating to your left and right. In the middle, facing towards the stern, is a doorway not for public use, whilst the door to the wheel house, also not for public use, is in the middle of the bow side of this space. There are two posts within the covered area with seats beside them.

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