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Buchanan Street,

Which Side?

  South Side
North Side

South Side, Going East from Buchanan Street

In the centre of the pavement are the railings around the stairweall down to the gents toilets, steps go down west. The ladies toilet is east of this, steps go down east. In the middle of these is a disabled persons toilet with a door in the east and west end of the building.

  The Orange Shop, entrance in Buchanan Street
entrance and steps to 41, offices
steps to 39, offices, opposite the east end of the disabled persons toilet
steps up to Praha, bar restaurant
4 phones on left
steps down to Praha, bar restaurant
29, Queens House, various offices
Charlie Browns, bar cafe, down steps

Bus stop on left, 609075; serving:

  • City Link 901, 905
  • DJ International 901, 906
  • First Glasgow 20, 20A, 29, 41, 96, 166, It 1 and It 20
  • Airport link bus.
  • The shelter is to the easst of the stop

    Continuing East, Beyond the bus stop

      25, Vacant
    The Slug and Lettuce, pub
    row of 3 bollards north-south
    North Court, alleyway, auctioneer's at south end
    wall juts out
    Bella Italia, pizzas, cafe
    The Subway, coffee bar, etc.
    Herbert Love, tobacconists
    A D Hamilton, jewellers, coins etc.
    entrance to St' Georges Buildings, dentists, etc.

    Queen Street

    North Side, Going East from Buchanan Street

      James Pringle, entrance in Buchanan Street
    Clydesdale Bank
    alley, Anchor Lane
    The Counting House, pub

    George Square, southwest corner.

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