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The bridge is located about in the middle of the platforms. There's a set of steps to the bridge from each direction (north and south) from each platform.

From each platform, from each direction, you go up 14 then 10 steps onto the bridge. There’s a central rail dividing the steps from platforms 1 – 2 into two sections though we found no indication of which side is preferred. The steps from platform 3 – 4 are narrower with no central rail.

The bridge itself has a number of billboards and planters along the north side. The steps to the concourse are on the south, with a phone on a stand to your right (west) of the foot of the steps. The steps to the concourse are divided into four sections by three rails, again we found no indication of which is preferred for entrance or exit, though the layout of the gates suggests we should keep left. A flight of steps to a blank door goes up from each end of the bridge.

You go up 16 steps, going south, to concourse level.

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