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This is a through station on the Circle Line, which runs approximately north/south at this point. It is also the eastern terminus of the Metropolitan Line.

Note that most Metropolitan Line trains from this station go to Uxbridge, though we believe some trains go to other destinations during peak hours. If the train you want isn't there, we suggest you catch the Uxbridge train from here and get off at Finchley Road, where you can catch the train you need from the same platform. There are clear announcements of approaching trains at this station.


There are two island platforms running approximately north/south with platforms 1 - 2 lying east of platforms 3 - 4. These platforms are numbered as follows:

  1. Circle Line Clockwise, towards Tower Hill,
  2. Metropolitan Line,
  3. Metropolitan Line and
  4. Circle Line anti-clockwise towards Liverpool Street.

A bridge joins these two island platforms about in the middle, there are steps from each side (north or south) from each platform onto the bridge.

Steps lead up south from the bridge into a small concourse, from which the station entrance/exit is on the opposite (south) side.


There is stairs-only access through this station. We therefore believe the station is accessible to Guide Dog users, but not to wheelchairs.

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