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Since the station appears to be designed for people to circulate clockwise, it seems that the entrances 1 and 2, which face straight onto Islington High Street are preferred as exits, whilst 3 and 4 are preferred entrances.

As you enter via entrance 3 or 4, you're near the corner of the concourse diagonally opposite the entrance gates. The ticket machines and sales windows are on the left hand wall. Note the queue for the ticket sales windows is controlled by Tensa barriers which, at the time of our survey, encouraged a straight queue facing the ticket office. Having got your ticket, turn right and go through either the Wide Aisle Gate to the left of the gate line, or one of the automatic entrances to your right of this.

If you already have a ticket, I suggest you go forward, from entrance 4, or right (2 o'clock) from entrance 3 until you reach the gate line, this should avoid the queue and people trying to leave the station. The entrance gates are towards the left of the gate line, with the Wide Aisle Gate at the left-hand end.

Go through the gates and continue to the escalators, the left-hand escalator is normally the one you need. Go down to the intermediate level.

Continue from the foot of the escalator into the passage, which turns slightly left before you reach the escalators to platform level. The left-hand escalator is normally the one you need. Go down to platform level.

At the foot of the escalator, take the first turning left for platform 1, southbound, you're near the rear of the train. For platform 2, northbound, continue forward and take the second or third turning right (to maintain the clockwise traffic flow), you're near the front of the train.

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