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This section of the station links the Metropolitan Line concourse (north) to the Marylebone Road South exit to the south.

There are four sets of steps from the Metropolitan Line concourse. The left-hand (east) pair lead towards the bridge, whilst the right-hand (west) pair lead towards further steps down to platform 5, eastbound.

Steps on your right (west) at the south end of the bridge lead down to platform 6, westbound, whilst the bridge continues (south) into the Marylebone Road South exit from the station.

From the Metropolitan Line Concourse

To the Westbound, Platform 6 and Marylebone Road South Exit

Locate the left-hand (east) set of steps and go down eight steps, going south. Continue, down the slope, past five blank windows to your left, onto the wooden bridge.

For platform 6, follow the right-hand (west) side and take the turning right, down 10 then 10 steps onto Platform 6.

For the Marylebone Road South exit, continue to the end, there's a recess with maps to your left, opposite the steps down to platform 6. Continue forward to the gate line at the Marylebone Road South exit

For the Eastbound, Platform 5

Locate the second set of steps from the right and go down eight steps, going south. Continue, down21 steps, going south into the passage leading to Platform 5.

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