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This offers a quicker way to cross from platform 6 to 5 and so to platforms 1 and 2 without going through the Metropolitan Line concourse. Signs indicate an emergency exit from the top of the stairs to platform 5.

From the Westbound, Platform 6

There are two passages leading south near the west end of platform 6. Follow either of these and turn right (west). Go up 6 steps, going west, then turn right (north), go up 19 steps going north onto the bridge. Note these are shallower steps than normal, divided into two sections by a central rail.

Continue north, the floor slopes up slightly before you reach the wall. There's a billboard to your left (west) and two blank doors in the wall in front of you.

Turn right (180 degrees) and go down either of two sets of stairs, separated by a wall. Go down 11 then 13 steep steps, going south, with a short gap between these flights, to platform 5 about 3 metres from the west end of the platform.

Note that you can turn right (east) from the top of the stairs from platform 5 and go up 7 steps towards an emergency exit (normally closed) at street level.

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