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Staff are available at the Wide Aisle gates in the Central Line Concourse and at the gate lines in the Northern Line Concourse and Waterloo & City Line.

Note that the Northern Line Concourse is closed during weekends and from 21:00 during the week. If you need lift access through the station whilst the Northern Line Concourse is closed, you should use the call button on the lift at street level. A member of staff will attend to operate the lift and take you through to the open part of the station. This may take a few minutes. Similarly, if you need to leave the station via the lifts during these times, we suggest you arange this before you get on your train.

Staff will escort you to your platform on request and arrange for someone to meet you at your destination station and assist with changes of train if necessary.

Help Points

There are help points and DLR Alarm Points throughout this station.

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