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This is effectively the main concourse for Bank Station. it consists of the passage which accesses the nine numbered entrances/exits identified in the Environs section, together with the Central Line and Northern Line concourses.

The main passage follows an oval-shaped route under the road junction with exits 1, 2, and the passage to exits 8 - 9 and the Waterloo & City Line along the north side. Exit 3 leads east, whilst exits 4 and 5 are on the south side. Exits 6 and 7 are on the west side.

A passage runs approximately north/south from opposite exit 2 to exit 4.

The entrance/exit to the Central Line Concourse is opposite the passage towards exits 8 and 9, whilst the exit-only from this concourse is opposite Exit 1. The passage to the Northern Line Concourse leads south from the main passage between exits 5 and 6.


The Main Passage,, Going Clockwise from Exit 1

The Outer Side

  exit 1, leads north
Sweet Express
help point
exit 2 leads north
exit 3 leads east
exit 4 leads south
exit 5 leads south
passage leads south to Northern Line Concourse
exit 7 leads west
passage to exits 8, 9 and Waterloo & City Line leads north
back to exit 1

The Inner Side

exit from Central Line Concourse, opposite exit 1
passage leads south with
The Passage
West Side, Going South
dry cleaner
East Side
Continuing Inner Side, Going East from the Passage
  shoe repair and key cutting, facing east
south end of passage, opposite exit 4
passage curves right (north)
exit 6, up south, just beyond passage to Northern Line Concourse
entrance/exit to Central Line Concourse, opposite passage to exits 8, 9 and Waterloo & City Line
back to exit from Central Line Concourse

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