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The station is under the complex road network from which King William Street leads southeast, Lombard Street (north), Cornhill and Threadneedle Street (east) and Princes Street (easst/west). Exits also reach Poultry (east/west) and Walbrook (northeast/southwest).

Entrances and Exits

We identify 12 entrances/exits to this station, the nine numbered entrances/exits around the road junction plus the lift from King William Street and the two routes from Monument Station.

The Numbered Exits

These are numbered clockwise around the Bank Concourse.

  1. Poultry, Cheapside and Guild Hall
  2. Princes Street, Threadneedle Street and Bank of England
  3. Royal Exchange, Stock Exchange and toilets
  4. Cornhill, Leadenhall Market and Lloyds
  5. King William Street and Lombard Street
  6. King William Street, Lombard Street Fenchurch Street The Monument and London Bridge
  7. Mansion House
  8. Cheapside, Queen Victoria Street
  9. Walbrook

Exit 1

You go up four steps, going north. From here you can turn right (east), then go up 16 steps, going east, onto Princes Street, west of Lombard Street (north).

Alternatively, you can turn left (west) then go up 15 steps, going west, onto Princes Street.

Exit 2

You go up 11 steps, going north. From here you can turn either right (east) or left (west) and go up nine steps to street level. You're on the north side of Princes Street.

Exit 3

Leave the main passage, going east.

South Side, Going East
  gents toilets, up three steps, going south then turn left (east)
ladies toilets, just west of the steps up
East End

You go up 19 steps, going east, the Royal Exchange is in front of you. Threadneedle Street is to your left, Cornhill to your right. Both streets go vaguely east.

Exit 4

This was blocked at the time of our survey.

Exit 5

You go up six steps, going south then turn right (west) and go up 16 steps, going west. onto the east side of Lombard Street.

Exit 6

You go up 16 then nine steps, going south onto the northeast side of King William Street.

Exit 7

You go up 21 steps, going west. Mansion House is to your right (north).

Exits 8 and 9

You turn north, down the slope, keeping right past a Nationwide and an HSBC cash machine, then Grab a Bite to your right (east).

Continue (north) along the passage, up the slope. There's a rail to each side. There's a help point on your right just before the junction.

Turn right (east) for exit 9. There's an accessible toilet on your left (north). From here, you can continue forward into the restaurants and retail shopping area, details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

Exit 9

Bear right (southeast), go up 15 then 15 steps, going east onto the north side of Poultry (east/west).

Exit 8

Turn left (northwest) from the passage, you go down then up a slope then up 18 steps, going northwest, onto the southeast side of Walbrook (northeast/southwest).

The Lift from King William Street

From the top of exit 6, you cross a side street, going southeast then pass a church door and Starbucks on your left before you reach the recess to the lift, on your left. The call button (Down) is to your left of the door.

From Monument Station

These routes are explained elsewhere in this guide, see our description of the DLR and Northern Line platforms, plus the Change Platforms section for details.

Local Road Crossings

We found no pedestrian controlled crossings during our survey. Most of the roads mentioned above are very busy and we suggest you cross via the Bank Concourse as necessary.

Local Buses

We found no bus stops within the scope of this survey.

Local Features

See above, details of these landmarks lie beyond the scope of this survey.

The overground walk to Monument Station is via the left-hand (northeast) side of King William Street. As you leave via Exit 6, you cross four side streets before you reach the steps down east into the subway.

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