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Help Points

The help points in this station consist of a circular housing with a breakable glass fire alarm button at the top, a larger (green) emergency button in the middle and a smaller (blue) information button towards the bottom.

The speaker and mic grill are to your left of the buttons.

DLR Alarm Points

The DLR has alarm points which differ from the help points normally found in London Underground stations.

There are three buttons, from the top:

There's also a sign warning you that you’re on video.

Location of Help Points

In the Bank Concourse

In the Central Line Concourse

On the Central Line, Platforms 5 - 6

On Platform 5, Westbound

On Platform 6, Eastbound

On the Northern Line, Platforms 3 - 4

In the Passage from Monument Station

On Platform 3, Southbound

On Platform 4, Northbound

On the DLR, Platforms 9 - 10

Location of Alarm Points

On Platform 9, Departures

On Platform 10, Arrivals

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