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Although announcements in the lifts refer to this as the "Northern Line Level", it is actually 21 steps above the Northern Line platforms.

This area includes the interconnecting passages between:

The escalators from the Northern Line Concourse go down southwest onto the east end of a passage which leads to steps to the Central Line, we'll call this the north passage.

A passage leads south from here, towards the escalators and steps to the DLR, we'll call this the main passage.

The passage to the Waterloo & City Line leads approximately west from the main passage, whilst two passages towards the Northern Line lead east. The passage nearer the escalators to the DLR which we'll call the south passage, passes the lift to the DLR before reaching the area at the top of the steps to the Northern Line.

The North Passage

East End, Going South

  up escalator, to Northern Line Concourse
down escalator from Northern Line Concourse

North side, Going West

  east steps to Central Line
exit from Central Line

West End

  west steps to Central Line

South Side

  main passage, just before foot of west steps

The Main Passage

East Side, Going South

up slope
passage to Northern Line, blocked at the time of our survey
south passage

South End, Going West

  down escalator to DLR
steps to DLR
up escalator from DLR

West Side, Going South

up slope
2 blank doors
passage to Waterloo & City Line

The South Passage

North Side


South Side, Going East

  lift to DLR
Northern Line area

The Northern Line Area

This is the space at the top of the steps from the Northern Line. Passages lead west towards the DLR, Waterloo & city and Central Lines and east towards the lifts from the Northern Line Concourse

South Side

  steps from Northern Line

West Side, Going North

  up slope
south passage
entrance from main passage, blocked at the time of our survey

North End


East Side, Going North

  up slope
passage from lifts from Northern Line Concourse
passage to lifts, east then south

There are four lifts, numbered 2 to 5, from the east, which are operated automatically. Each is at the south end of a short passage, unfortunately, at the time of our survey, there was no audio indication and little visual indication of which lift is the next to arrive.

The Passage to the Waterloo & City Line

You leave the main passage, going approximately west. This passage continues vaguely west, up a slight slope until you reach the east end of platform 7.

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