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The entrance and exit are towards the east end of the platform, near the rear of the train.

Unlike other stations we've seen, there are two sets of stairs to each platform separated by a wall. The inner set, closer to the tracks, are entrances, whilst the outer set are exits.

There is tactile flooring at the top and foot of each set of stairs and there's tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

From the bridge, go down five steps, going south, onto a landing.

The Landing

East Wall


South Wall, Going West

  blank door

West Side, Going North

  exit stairs from platform 1
entrance stairs to platform 1

Each set of stairs has 12 then 12 steps going down, west onto the platform. The two sets are separated by a wall.

North Side

  steps from bridge

From the East End

There is a series of recesses in the wall, most of which contain billboards and some contain seats.

  wall juts out at end of platform with barrier to edge
wall retreats around cupboards
blank door
help point
wall juts out behind entrance stairs
wall retreats across entrance stairs
passage to exit stairs
help point, after four recesses
help point, after seven recesses
3 recesses
sand bin and barrier at end

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