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This is an irregular shaped space with the escalators to the east, the passage to the north exit from the north side, the passage to the exits onto the west side of Cambridge heath Road leaving from the west and that to the Roman Road exit from the south.

The gate line includes the manual gate at the north end, two entrances at an angle (northeast/southwest) followed by a third entrance and three exit gates from north to south.

Outside the Gates

Southwest Wall, Going Northwest

  Station Supervisor's office
5 blank doors (wall curves right to become the west wall)
passage to west exits
blank wall

North Side, Going East

  steps and passage to north exit
3 ticket machines

The first of these, which is "touch screen", accepts notes and credit cards.

Continuing North Side.

  blank door
2 ticket sales windows

East Side, Going South

  manual gate, next to second ticket sales window
2 auto entrances, at angle southwest
4 automatic gates, entrances nearest the manual gate, going south

Southeast Wall

  blank to foot of steps to Roman Road Exit

Inside the Gates

North Side, Going East

  assistance booth
blank door

East Side, Going South

  down escalator
middle escalator (direction may change according to time of day)
up escalator

South Side, Going West

  blank door

West Side

  gate line

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2003 Terry Robinson