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This is an almost L-shaped space with the main entrance/exit from the southeast and the escalators leading north. The exit to Camden High Street leads west from the corner.

There are two gate lines, the exit gates to the west give level access onto Camden High Street, whilst the entrance and exit gates on the southeast are reached via four steps from Kentish Town Road.


Outside the Gates

Southeast Side

  4 steps up from Kentish Town Road

Northeast Side, Going Northwest

  blank door
fares information
ticket machine
Oyster machine
2 ticket machines
blank door
ticket sales window
leaflet rack
ticket sales window

Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  leaflet rack
2 blank doors
help point
blank door
blank door
wall retreats before gate line

Northwest Side, Going Southwest

  Wide Aisle Gate (bi-directional)
3 auto entrances
4 auto exits

Inside the Gates

North Side, Going East

  up escalator
down escalator

West Side, Going South

  3 blank doors
closed assistance booth
4 auto exits
Wide Aisle Gate (exit

East Side, Going South

  emergency stairs
assistance window
east gate line leads southwest
Wide Aisle Gate (bi-directional)
3 auto entrances
4 auto exits

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