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This is a through station on the Edgware and High Barnet branches of the Northern Line, which run approximately north from the station. It is also a through station on the Charing Cross and City branches, which run south from here.


This station is established on four levels which inline with the convention used at other London Underground stations, we'll identify as levels 0 to -3.

Level 0

A small concourse is reached via steps from Kentish Town Road, you go in facing northwest. Escalators lead north from here down to Level -1.

Level -1

The rectangular space at the foot of the escalators crosses passages between the northbound platforms, at this level and the southbound platforms at Level -3.

There are two platforms at this level, platform 1 serving the Edgware branch lies west of platform 3, serving the High Barnet and Mill Hill East branches.

Level -2

The stairs between the area at the foot of the escalators and the southbound platforms are divided into two flights by landings at this level.

The four platforms in this station are also connected by passages towards the south end of the station, with the passage between platforms 1 and 4 lying south of that between platforms 2 and 3. These passages are linked at this level, which also includes the foot of the emergency stairs.

Level -3

This level includes the southbound platforms 2 and 4. Unlike the northbound platforms, each of these platforms can serve either Charing Cross or City branch services.

Note that platforms 1 and 2 are a few metres south of platforms 3 and 4. Consequently, the entrance/exit to platforms 1 and 2 is into the north half of the platforms, whilst that for platforms 3 and 4 is about in the middle.


There is stepped access from Kentish Town Road to the entrance and escalator-only access between the concourse and Level -1. There is stairs-only access between all platforms.

We therefore believe this station is inaccessible to wheelchair users. Although Guide Dog users can change platforms at this station, we believe access between the concourse and platforms may be impossible unless one of the escalators is stopped.

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