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The help points in this station consist of a circular housing with a breakable glass fire alarm button at the top, a larger (green) emergency button in the middle and a smaller )blue) information button towards the bottom.

The speaker and mic grill are to your left of the buttons.


There's a help point in the concourse, another at Level -2 near the foot of the emergency stairs and three on each platform.

In the Concourse

The help point is on your left, as you come into the station from Kentish Town Road, beyond the second door on your left.

At Level -2

The help point is just before the foot of the emergency stairs as you go from platform 2 towards platform 3. This is just beyond the point where the wall retreats left.

This is opposite the turning from the passage between platforms 1 and 4.

On Platform 1

On Platform 2

On Platform 3

On Platform 4

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