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There are two sets of passages which connect all four platforms, which we'll call the north and south passages.

The escalators reach the north set of passages at Level -1. These passages are north of the middle of platforms 1 and 2, but about in the middle of platforms 3 and 4.

The south passages are near the south ends of each platform. The north passages are the only entrance/exit, whilst we recommend the south passages for changing platforms.

Unusually, the numbers of steps throughout this station is consistent, such that there are 22 steps between the northbound platforms, at Level -1 and the southbound platforms at Level -3. Level -2 is the intermediate level, which includes the landings between flights of 11 steps, or more importantly, the interchange between the south passages which includes the foot of the emergency stairs.

The North Passages

At the Foot of the Escalators

The foot of the escalators is in a rectangular space at Level -1 with:

Near (South) Side, Going West

  down escalator
up escalator

Left-Hand (West) Side, Going North

  level passage to platform 1, northbound to Edgware
blank wall
passage, down steps to platform 2, southbound

Far (North) Side


Right-Hand (East) Side, Going North

  level passage to platform 3, northbound to High Barnet
blank wall
passage with steps down to platform 4, southbound

The Passages

The Level -1 section includes an additional gap to either side (east and west of the gap from the escalators), between the northbound and southbound passages.

There's a rail, in the middle of the platform, across each end of each passage, these are highlighted by yellow strips on the floor leading to either side of the rail.

The Northbound Passage

This is a level passage running east/west between the two northbound platforms.

The Southbound Passage

From either platform, you go up 11, then 11 steps leading away from the tracks, to the Level -1 section.

The South Passages

There are two passages, which run east/west. The one running east from platform 1 at Level -1 and platform 4, at Level -3 lies south of that which goes east from platform 2 at Level -3 to platform 3 at Level -1. These passages are joined at Level -2 by a short passage running north/south.

The Southern Passage

From Platform 1, northbound to Edgware, you go down 11 steps, going east, to Level -2. You pass the gap to the northern passage on your left, before going down 11 steps, going east then turning left (north) onto the south end of platform 4, southbound. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps.

The Northern Passage

From platform 2, southbound, you leave the platform, going east, turn left (north) then go up 11 steps, going north, to Level -2. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps.

Turn right (east), into a passage with:

North Side, Going East

  2 blank doors
wall retreats
help point
blank door
door to emergency stairs

South Side, Going East

  2 billboards
gap to southern passage

Continue east, up 11 steps, onto platform 3. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps.

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