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This is an island platform, running approximately north/south with platform 6, serving eastbound trains towards Stratford lying west of platform 5, serving westbound trains towards Stanmore.

There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

To Reach

These platforms can be reached via lift, escalators 7 - 8 or 5 - 6 or steps from the Main Concourse.

These platforms can also be reached via lift, escalators 1 - 2 or 3 - 4 or steps from platforms 3 - 4, DLR.

Via Steps from the Main Concourse

You go up 3 x 14 steps, going south, to platform level. There’s tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps, which are divided into two by a central rail, we understand you’re asked to keep left.

Via Steps from Platforms 3 - 4

There are steps between escalators 1 - 2 and 3 - 4. in each case you go down 18 then 18 steps, going north. Note that escalators 1 - 2 align with escalators 5 - 6 to the Main Concourse, whilst escalators 3 - 4 are in front of the lift.

From the North

  barrier at end
1st gap between platforms

The First Gap

North Side

  escalators 7 and 8 down north to exit, use left-hand one

Continuing South from the First Gap

  billboard, eastbound/westbound
blank wall
help point, on each platform
2nd gap between platforms

The Second Gap

North Side

  lift to Main Concourse and platforms 3 - 4, DLR, call buttons to right (east)

South Side

  escalators 3 and 4 go up south to platforms 3 - 4, DLR, with central steps, use left-hand one

Continuing South from the Second Gap

  wall beside escalators
billboard, Tube map
2 x 3 seats, glass barrier behind
fire point
3rd gap between platforms

The Third Gap

North Side

  escalators 5 - 6, down north to Main Concourse, use left-hand one

South Side

  escalators 1 - 2, with central steps, up south to platforms 3 – 4, DLR, use left-hand one

Continuing South from the Third Gap

  2 billboards on stands
2 x 3 seats
billboard on stand, Tube map
4th gap between platforms

The Fourth Gap

North Side

  steps down north to Main Concourse

Continuing South from the Fourth Gap

  blank wall
5th gap between platforms

The Fifth Gap

South Side

  spiral stairs, not for public use

Continuing South from the Fifth Gap

6th gap to platform 5
emergency exit from middle of island platform

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