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The doors will open on your left as you face the front of the train.

There's a single exit from each platform. This is towards the rear of westbound trains and about in the middle of eastbound.

There's no tactile paving along the edge of these platforms.

From the Platforms

From the Westbound, Platform 1

Go towards the rear of the train, go into the gap, turn right and go up two flights of steps to concourse level. Turn left, continue to the wall in front of you then turn right. Continue into the concourse.

From the Eastbound, Platform 2

Go into the gap, about in the middle of the train, turn right then go up two flights of steps. Turn right, continue up four steps, go to the wall in front of you then turn right.

The gate line is in front of you, with the manual gate at the left-hand end and the exits at the right. Go through the gates.

For Cannon Street

Follow the right-hand side, past the news agent then turn right, up a flight of steps, then go down one step to street level.

To Dowgate Hill

Follow the left-hand side, into the passage then up two steps to street level.

To Cannon Street Mainline Station

The exit towards this was blocked at the time of our survey. We suggest you leave via the Cannon Street exit, turn right then go into one of the three entrances to the station. Note that step-free access is via the middle entrance.

Alternatively, the Dowgate Hill entrance to the mainline station is open between 07:00 and 10:00 Monday to Friday. Leave via the Dowgate Hill exit, turn right then take the turning right, up the steps, into the station.

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