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This is a through station on the Bakerloo Line and Northern Line (Charing Cross Branch), both of which run approximately northwest/southeast through the station.


This was originally two stations, Strand, serving the northern Line (charing Cross Branch) and Trafalgar Square, serving the Bakerloo Line.

The Bakerloo line is served by an island platform with platform 1, northbound, lying southwest of platform 2, southbound. The northern Line is served by an island platform with platform 5, northbound lying southwest of platform 6, southbound. Note that platforms 3 - 4 used to serve the Jubilee line and are no longer available to the public.

Each section of the station has its own concourse. The Strand Concourse is a rectangular space on the northwest side of the subway under the strand, whilst the Trafalgar Square concourse is a rectangular space below the east corner of Trafalgar Square.

The only direct connection between these two sections is via a passage at the intermediate level.

The intermediate level consists of the areas at the foot of escalators from each concourse plus the two passages which run northwest/southeast. The shorter of these, which we call passage 1, leads between the foot of the escalators from the Strand concourse, to the entrance to the Northern Line platforms 5 - 6. The longer passage, which we call passage 2, leads between the exit from the Northern Line, past the foot of the escalators from the Strand Concourse, past the foot of escalators from the Trafalgar Square concourse, to the Bakerloo Line platforms 1 - 2.

Note that the entrance to the Bakerloo Line is onto the northbound, platform 1, whilst the exit is from the southbound, platform 2.


There is escalator-only access between the Strand Concourse and the intermediate level, there is stairs and escalator access between the Trafalgar Square concourse and the intermediate level and there is stairs-only access between the intermediate level and all platforms.

We therefore believe this station is accessible to Guide Dog users, but not to wheelchairs.

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