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This level consists of the areas at the foot of escalators from each concourse, plus the two passages, which we'll call passage 1 and 2.

Passage 1 is the entrance passage to the Northern Line, from the foot of the escalators from the Strand concourse. Passage 2 is that leading between the Bakerloo Line and the exit to the Northern Line, passing each set of escalators.

To Reach

This level can be reached via escalator from the Strand concourse, or via escalator or steps from the Trafalgar Square concourse. If you use the steps, you go down 4 x 17 then eight steps, going southwest.

At the Foot of the Escalators from the Strand Concourse

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  escalator to Strand concourse
middle escalator
escalator from Strand concourse

Southeast Side

  two entrances to Northern Line, passage 1

Northwest Side

  2 entrances to Bakerloo Line, exits from Northern, passage 2

Southwest Side

  blank door
blank door

Passage 1, Northern Line Entrance

You turn left then left again (northeast) from the foot of the escalator from the Strand concourse.

The passage continues northeast, with billboards each side. turn left at the end to steps down, northwest, to the Northern Line platforms 5 - 6.

Passage 2, From the Northern Line, Platforms 5 - 6

From the top of the steps, you turn right (southwest). The passage continues southwest, with billboards each side. You pass the two gaps to the foot of the escalators from the Strand concourse, labelled way out and Northern Line to your left (southeast).

The passage continues, southwest, down a slope with billboards each side. The passage veers left then right again (southwest). You turn right (northwest) past the foot of the escalators and steps from the Trafalgar Square concourse to your right (northeast) before you reach the top of the steps to the Bakerloo Line platforms 1 - 2.

There are two passages in front of you, the left-hand (southwest) passage is the entrance, leading onto platform 1, northbound, whilst the right-hand (northeast) is the exit from platform 2, southbound.

At the Foot of the Escalators from the Trafalgar Square Concourse

This is a rectangular space with two pillars between here and passage 2.

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  escalator to Trafalgar Square concourse
central steps
escalator from Trafalgar Square concourse

You go up 8 then 4 x 17 steps to the Trafalgar Square concourse, going northeast.

Southeast Side


Southwest Side

  2 pillars, gaps to passage 2

Northwest Side


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