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The station is located on the south side of Victoria Dock Road, due north of the ExCeL Centre, which this station serves. Mace Gateway (east/west) runs between the tracks and the Centre, this includes the taxi rank for the Centre itself.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits to this station:

From Victoria Dock Road

There's a gap in the wall which leads (south) into the station entrance. There’s a post in the middle of this gap, to your right (west) of this and leading right (west) is the ramp, whilst to your left (east) of the post, are steps leading up to a landing at the foot of the lift. Turn left (east) and go up eight steps, going east onto the landing.

The landing is the rectangular space around the foot of the steps and lift to the walkway. The lift is towards the east end of this space, behind the steps wich go up east. The ramp from street level, goes up beside the north edge of the landing, which it reaches at the west end. A level path runs along the entire south side of this space.

The Landing, from the East

  level path leading south from top of steps from street level
lift, go in from the west
path, leading north to lift
cycle racks, under steps
barriers under lower level of steps
steps to walkway, going up east
path from ramp
information board on west wall

The Steps

From the landing, you go up 16 and 16 steps, going east onto the walkway. There is no tactile paving at either end of these steps.

Via the Walkway

There are three routes to the south end of the walkway:

Of these, the route from the water front lies beyond the scope of this survey. There are several doors at the west entrance from the Centre onto the walkway, turn right for the station.

From the Taxi Rank

At the time of our survey, there wasn't much happening here, so it may be best to arrive via the DLR.

The signage is misleading, but it seems that the taxi rank is on the island in the middle of Mace Gateway. The steps and ramp towards the walkway leave from the south side of this road.

Via the Steps

You go up ten steps, going south onto a landing to which the first stage of the ramp arrives from your right and the second stage leaves west. The steps to the walkway go up east from here. From the top of the first set of steps, turn left then go up 16 steps, going east, onto the walkway. Continue forward from here for the Centre, turn left, on reaching the canopy, for the station.

Via the Ramp

The ramp starts a few metres west of the foot of the steps. You go up (east) to the first landing (the second set of steps are in front of you), turn right (180 degrees, west) then continue to the second landing then turn left (180 degrees, east) and continue up to the walkway. From here you can continue forward towards the Centre or turn left on reaching the canopy, for the station.

Note that the second and third sections of this ramp are much narrower than the first. There are rest breaks in all sections of this ramp.

To Reach the Centre

Note that, to reach the Centre, you go between pillars which lean towards you. It may be easier to turn left, continue for a few metres before turning back and following the left-hand side. The barrier retreats at the end of the bridge, follow this left, then right, before continuing across a blank passage, to the building beside you. At this point, the wall of the building slopes up to your left. Follow this sloping wall to the end before turning left into the entrance. There's a short post with a call button to your left as you approach the left-hand door. Staff should be on hand to assist from here.

Local Road Crossings

There's a zebra crossing of Victoria Dock Road, a few metres east of the station entrance. Leave the station, turn right and note the marked dropped kerb and tactile paving indicating this.

There are two pedestrian controlled crossings to the west of the entrance, but these had neither rotating cones nor sounder at the time of our survey. Three of the four posts controlling these crossings were on the inside of the pavement and there was very indistinct, if any, tactile paving indicating the crossings. We therefore recommend you use the zebra crossing.

Local Buses

On the South Side of Victoria Dock Road

Bus Stop A, Custom House Station, a few metres east of the zebra crossing, serves buses towards Plaistow or Kier Hardie Estate. 147, 325 and N551.

Bus Stop C, a few metres west of the station entrance, serves buses towards Canning Town, 147, 241 and N551.

On the North Side of Victoria Dock Road

Bus Stop B, almost opposite Stop A, serves buses towards Prince Regent and Ilford, 147, 325 and N551.

Bus Stop D, almost opposite Stop C, serves buses towards Plaistow, 147, 241 and N551.

Local Features

The zebra crossing leads to the Custom House Hotel, details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

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