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There are two lifts in this station, the north lift is between the walkway and the landing of the entrance from Victoria Dock Road, the south lift is between the walkway and the east end of the platforms.

The call button is to your right of the door as you face the lift. You enter each lift facing east from each level.

Inside each lift, there are clear spoken announcements. The buttons are on your right as you go in. From the top these are:

All buttons are clearly labelled in Braille and embossed print.

The North Lift

At Landing Level

Note that you can reach this landing from Victoria Dock Road via ramp or steps, see the Environs page for details of this landing.

The lift is towards the east end of the landing, behind the steps up to the walkway.

At Walkway Level

The lift is opposite (east of) the top of the steps down to the landing. Turn left for the south lift to the platform or to continue towards the ExCeL Centre.

The South Lift

At Walkway Level

The lift is on the east side of the walkway, slightly south of the top of the steps to the platform, which leave from the west. As you leave the lift at this level, turn right for the north lift towards victoria Dock Road or left towards the ExCeL Centre.

At Platform Level

The lift is at the end of a passage leading east from the east end of platform 4, the westbound platform. On leaving the lift, continue beyond the end of this passage, platform 3, (eastbound) is to your right, you're at the front of the train. Platform 4 (westbound) is to your left, you're at the rear.

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