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The station is located between Earl's Court Road, to the east and Warwick Road to the west, both of which run north/south. Trebovir Road to the north and Penywern Road to the south, run east/west past the station.

Entrances and Exits

The station has two entrances/exits. The main one is on the west side of Earl's Court Road, whilst the other is on the east side of Warwick Road.

The Earl's Court Road entrance brings you into a rectangular area at street level from which you go down, via either eight steps or the ramp, into the Earl's Court Road concourse.

The Warwick Road entrance affords level access, via a high level walkway along the north side of the station, to the Earl's Court Road concourse.

There are three entrances/exits to the building which juts out into the pavement.

Local Road Crossings

Earl's Court Road

The crossing is just outside the station entrance, going east. The crossing has a sounder, the posts with push buttons are north of the crossing, i.e. to your left as you cross away from the station, right as you approach.

Note that trafic flows one way, north/south, i.e. from your left as you leave the station.

Warwick Road

The crossing is outside the station entrance. This crossing has a sounder, there’s a post with push button to each side of the crossing in each direction. This crossing leads west, to the Exhibition Centre.

Note that Warwick Road is one-way, traffic flows from your left heading north. Note that traffic can stop some time before the pedestrian lights change and that it can start very quickly, before the red man sign is indicated.

Local Buses

Earl's Court Road

All bus stops are on the east side of this road.

Stop A, beyond Earl's Court Gardens, serving buses towards South Kensington, 74, 328, C1, C3, N31, N74 and N97.

Warwick Road

Bus Stop C, on the west side, a few metres north of a service road for the Exhibition Centre, serving buses towards Kensington or South Kensington, 74, 328, C1, C3, N31, N74 and N97.

Local Features

The Exhibition Centre is on the West Side of Warwick Road, opposite the station entrance.

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