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This is a through station on the District and Piccadilly lines, both of which run east/west through the station.


The station is established on five levels:

  1. The street level at Earl's Court Road, which is a rectangular area from which you can descend either by steps or ramp into the concourse.
  2. The concourse level, which includes the Earl's Court Road concourse, at the east end of the station, the high level walkway which runs around the north side and the Warwick Road entrance which is a passage leading west to a level exit into Warwick Road.
  3. The District Line level, which can be reached by steps from the Earl's Court Road concourse, to the east; the Warwick Road entrance, to the west; or via lifts from a turning leading south from the high level walkway about in the middle of the station. This level comprises two island platforms, with platforms 1 and 2, eastbound lying north of 3 and 4, westbound.
  4. The intermediate level, which is reached by steps from the District Line level. There are two sets of steps within each island platform. The intermediate level comprises a broken rectangle of passages with:
  5. The Piccadilly Line level, which is reached by escalator from the intermediate level, towards the west end and lifts from the Earl's Court Road concourse, near the middle. This level consists of the island platform with platform 5, eastbound which lies north of platform 6, westbound. An emergency stairs exit, leaves from a point opposite the entrance to the lifts and emerges at the east end of platform 1. Although lying under the line established by platforms 1 and 2, this island platform is set some distance east, such that the escalators from the east side of the intermediate level travel east to reach the Piccadilly Line platforms near their west end.


There is lift access between the concourse level and all platforms, plus ramp access between Earl's Court Road and the concourse.

There is stairs access between both entrances and the District Line platforms and, via the emergency exit, between the Piccadilly Line and District Line. The normal route, however, between District and Piccadilly lines involves steps to the intermediate level then escalators to the Piccadilly Line platforms.

We believe, therefore, that this station is accessible to wheelchair and Guide Dog users.

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