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This level lies between the District Line platforms (1 - 4) and the Piccadilly Line platforms (5 and 6) which actually lie beneath platforms 1 - 2.

A passage under platforms 1 - 2 joins the escalators to two sets of steps leading down from the platforms, whilst passages lead south towards the two sets of steps from platforms 3 - 4.

We believe a clockwise circulation is encouraged through this area which means that the steps nearer the escalators (east steps) are entrances to the District Line, whilst the others (west steps) are exits from the District Line.

The Main Passage

This leads west from the top of the escalators, to each side of the first set of steps, to platforms 1 - 2, then passes the second set, from platforms 1 - 2. The third set of steps from these platforms (which is not accessible to the public) does not join this passage.

East End, Going South

  up escalator
down escalator

The Passage, Going West

Along the Middle

  top of escalators
steps to platforms 1 and 2, up 4 then 19 steps, going west
steps from platforms 1 - 2, down 19 then five steps, going east

South Side

  passage to platforms 3 - 4
passage from platforms 3 - 4

North Side

  fire extinguisher
help point
blank wall
help point, near west end

The Passage to Platforms 3 - 4

Follow the passage which turns right (west then go up five then 19 steps, going west to platforms 3 - 4. Platform 3 is to your right, you're about in the middle of the train.

The Passage from Platforms 3 - 4

Go down 19 then 5 steps, going west and follow the passage which turns right (north) then joins the main passage. Turn right (east) and take either set of steps to platforms 1 and 2, or continue towards the escalators.

West Side, Going North

blank doors

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