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There are two sets of lifts available to the public in this station. Two lifts connect the concourse level to the Piccadilly Line platforms, whilst the other two connect the District Line platforms to the high level walkway which connects the Earl's Court Road and Warwick Road entrances.

The Lifts Between the Concourse and Piccadilly Line Platforms

The two lifts, on the north side of the Earl's Court Road concourse go to the Piccadilly Line only.

You enter, at concourse level, from the west. The call button is between the lifts, in a raised box with no tactile markings on the button itself.

You exit to the west, via the same door, at Piccadilly Line level. You enter the lifts, at Piccadilly Line level from the east, from within the first passage from the east end of the platforms, you exit to the east, via the same doors, at concourse level.

Inside the lift, the single button is to your left as you enter.

The Lifts to the District Line

These lifts connect either platform 1 - 2 or 3 - 4 to the high level walkway, via a turning about half way between the Earl's Court Road and the Warwick Road entrances.

For the lift to platforms 1 - 2, you enter and leave via the east side at concourse level and via the west at platform level. When using the lift to platforms 3 - 4, you enter and leave via the west side at concourse level, whilst at platform level, you enter and leave via the east.

The call buttons are to your right as you face the lift door at concourse level and to your left at platform level.

Inside the lift, the buttons are to your right as you enter at platform level (left when at concourse level). There's a column of three buttons, towards the right-hand side of the control panel, from the top, these are: Open Doors, Up and Down. The Alarm button is in the bottom middle of the control panel. All buttons have tactile and Braille marking.

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