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The station bridges the tracks, between Marylebone Road (east/west) to the north and Chapel Street (east/west), to the south, immediately east of Cabbell Street (north/south).

Cabbell Street joins Marylebone Road just east of the point where the Marylebone Road fly-over leaves the lower level westbound route, which continues west as Old Marylebone Road, towards Kilburn High Road (north/south).

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits:

The Main Entrance

This provides level access into the concourse, though note that there is stairs-only access between here and the platforms.

The Marylebone Road Entrance

This entrance/exit is only open Monday to Friday, between 07:45 - 09:30 and 16:45 - 19:00.

You go through a gate into a small area before the gate line. There are four automatic gates, the right-hand ones are normally the ones you need. Go through the gates then continue, up ten steps, going south, onto the East Bridge.

Note that there is no manual or Wide Aisle Gate at this entrance.

Local Road Crossings

Chapel Street

This appeared to be a fairly quiet road at the time of our survey. The nearest crossing is at the junction with Kilburn High road, some distance west of the station, beyond the scope of this survey. Traffic flows one way, from your right (west), as you leave the station.

Cabbell Street

This appeared to be a very quiet side street at the time of our survey. There are no pedestrian controlled crossings of this street.

Marylebone Road

There's a subway, just east of Cabbell Street, with steps, 12 then 12, leading down from the west and a ramp from the east. Similarly, the north end of the subway has a ramp to the east, leading onto the north side of Marylebone road, whilst the steps to the west, 13 then 13, lead onto the north side of Old Marylebone Road, towards Edgware Road (Bakerloo) Station.

Local Buses

Marylebone Road South

Bus Stop EU, outside the Marylebone Road entrance, Serves buses towards Kensal Green, Harlesden and Wembley, 18 and N18.

Marylebone Road North

Bus Stop EZ, just beyond (west of) the steps from the subway, serves buses towards Baker Street, 18 and N18.

Chapel Street

Bus Stop ET, outside the main entrance, serves buses towards Euston, 27 and 205. Both of these are 24 hour services.

Local Features

Chapel Street

As you continue west from Cabbell Street, you pass an M&S before you reach Kilburn High Road, you can continue west from here to Paddington. Details of this route lie beyond the scope of this survey.

North Side of Old Marylebone Road, Going West from the Subway

South Side

  ramp from subway, down west
steps from subway, down east
Bus Stop EZ
pavement continues to railings at the junction

North Side

  Burne House, offices
phone box
entrance to Edgware Road (Bakerloo), leading down northeast
railings at junction

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