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Details of this station lie beyond the scope of this survey.

You leave the station and follow the Old Marylebone Road to the subway. You then cross the road and continue along Cabbell Street to the main entrance to Edgware Road (Circle) Station.

The Route

Leave Edgware Road (Bakerloo) Station at the corner of Old Marylebone Road and Kilburn High Road. turn left and continue past a phone box then office building on your left and the bus stop on your right, to the subway. You can either continue down the steps or go beyond the subway and turn back for the ramp.

Via the Ramp

Move to the left-hand side of the pavement, continue, beyond the subway then turn right (180 degrees) and go down the ramp. Turn left, continue under the road then turn left and go up the ramp to street level then turn right (180 degrees).

Via the Steps

Move to the right-hand side of the pavement and continue down two flights of steps. Turn right, continue under the road then turn right and go up two flights of steps to street level.

To the Station

Continue to the junction, with Cabbell Street, turn left and locate the entrance to Edgware Road (Circle) Station, on your left as you reach the junction with Chapel Street.

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