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The station is at the south end of Villiers Street (north) and on the north side of the Embankment (east/west), just east of the foot bridge towards the Royal Festival Hall.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits to this station: the North Exit gives level access onto the east side of Villiers Street, whilst the south exit is down four steps, going south, onto the Embankment.

Local Road Crossings

The Embankment, Outside the South Exit

This is a two-stage crossing with tactile paving. The post, with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you leave the pavement in either direction. On the central island, turn left then right for the other half of the crossing, thereís a post with push button and rotating cone to either side as you leave the island in either direction.

Villiers Street

This is a pedestrian street. Note, however, that in some places, there are two steps down from the pavement along the east side of the street.

Local Buses

On the Embankment

There's a bus stop on each side of the road, just east of the crossing outside the station, serving bus no. 741.

Local Features

On the Embankment

Just west of the South Exit are steps up west to the bridge parallel to Hungerford Rail Bridge, leading to the Royal Festival Hall. You go up 21 and 21 steps, going west. Thereís tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps. The bridge leads souht, beyond the scope of this survey.

East Side of Villiers Street, Going North from the Station

  flower stall
up slope
small park on right
note, two steps down from pavement on this side
dip in pavement
slope levels out
alley with steps down east
Gordons Wine
World Gormet Wraps
Grand Indian Cuisine
La Piazza
Princess of Wales, bar
Pret a Manger
slope up starts, opposite steps to Charing Cross Mainline Station

You can cross Villiers Street here, for the station.

West Side of villiers Street, Going South from Charing Cross Station

  the Arches Shopping Centre
Chewy Junior
Holland & Barrett
office building, pillars outside
gap, slope down west to goods area
Wasadi Sushi
Costa Coffee
Embankment Place, leading west

Cross Villiers Street then turn right for the station.

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