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This station is an integral part of Euston mainline station, the majority of which is owned and managed by Network Rail. The mainline platforms run approximately north from the concourse which contains many shops and other facilities including toilets and cafes.

Entrances and Exits

There are four entrances/exits:

Escalators/Stairs to/from the mainline concourse

The top of these is on the far side of the unit opposite the ticket sales area in the mainline concourse. The left-hand escalator is normally the one you need. If you choose to use the stairs, you go down three, 17, 17 then eight steps, going west, into the concourse. Turn right (north) towards the ticket sales and gate line.

Stairs and ramp to/from the suburban section, platforms 8 - 11

From the area outside the gate line at the suburban section (platforms 8 - 11), you go down 12 then 12 steps, going south then follow the passage to the end before turning right (west) into the concourse. Continue (west) to the end of the exit gates on your right before turning right (north). The ticket sales machines and windows are to your left, whilst the entrance gates are in front of you.

Stairs to/from the taxi rank and car park

From the taxi area, you go down 16 then seven steps, going west then follow the passage north then west. tpwards the concourse. Turn right (north) at the end and continue into the concourse.

lifts to/from the taxi rank and mainline concourse.

See the Lifts page for details. At Underground concourse level (Level 0) the lifts are on the west side of the passage, you leave facing north. move right then continue forward for the ticket sales and entrance gates.

Local Buses

The Euston bus station is situated approximately 50 metres south of the mainline concourse, beyond a plaza area. Details of this lie beyond the scope of this survey.

Local Features

This is an integral part of the complex including Euston Mainline Station, see our guide to Euston Mainline Station for details of shops, refreshments, toilets etc.

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