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This is a through station on the Northern Line (Charing Cross and Bank Branches) and the Victoria Line which all run approximately east/west through the station.


The station is established on four levels, from the lowest, these are:

The Underground concourse is reached via stairs, escalators or lifts from the mainline concourse and taxi area. Separate down and up escalators link this to the intermediate level. Note, there is no stairs access between the Underground concourse and intermediate level.

The intermediate level consists of two parallel passages crossed by intersections through which people are intended to move clockwise. These passages run approximately northwest/southeast between the bottom of the down escalator and stairs to the Northern Line (Charing Cross Branch) platforms 1 and 2 but veer north/south before reaching the escalators to the southbound platforms 5 and 6. In consequence, the downward escalators run approximately northeast, whilst the upward escalators run approximately west.

Platforms 1 and 2, Northern line Charing Cross Branch

These are accessed via stairs from the intermediate level. The platforms run approximately east/west, platform 1, northbound towards Edgware lies north of platform 2, southbound towards Morden.

Platforms 5 and 6, Victoria Line and Northern Line Bank Branch Southbound

These platforms run approximately east/west with platform 5, Victoria Line towards Brixton lying south of platform 6, towards Bank. Note that the Northern Line trains run east via Kings Cross, whilst the Victoria Line runs west, via Warren Street.

Platforms 3 and 4, Northern Line Bank Branch and Victoria Line northbound

These platforms run approximately east/west, with platform 3, Northern Line towards High Barnet, lying south of platform 4, Victoria Line towards Walthamstow. Note that the Northern Line trains run west, before turning north beyond the station towards Camden, whilst the Victoria line runs east towards Kings Cross.

Platforms 3 - 6 are accessed from the intermediate level via escalators or stairs including a spiral staircase, 90 steps in all.


Although there is stairs access between all platforms, there is escalator only access between the Underground concourse and intermediate level. We therefore believe this station is inaccessible to wheelchair users and would only be accessible to Guide Dog users when changing platforms.

Although there is lift access between the Underground concourse, taxi rank and mainline concourse, there are currently no other lifts in this station.

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