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Note, though this is not the usual route to and from taxis, I think it is easier to navigate than those routes through the mainline concourse.

From the foot of the escalator from the mainline concourse, Turn left 180 degrees into a passage (going east).

Note: The passage is poorly lit with a downward slope. The door to the car park is on your right, just beyond the foot of the slope. This door brings you into level 1, levels 2 to 5 are above this.

The passage ends in a blank wall. Turn left (north) then right (east) then go up 7 then 16 steps, going east to the taxi rank level. You're at the point where the taxi route turns from east to south, before continuing to curve (west) towards the pick-up point. Note that the passage leading east from the top of the steps is not for public use.

For the taxi pick-up point, turn right (south) at the top of the steps. You could locate the rail, which could be dirty, on your right and follow this up the slope, curving right (west). On the outside of the curve is a wall with fire extinguishers etc. Continue (west) down a slight slope. At the foot of the slope locate a rail on your left and follow this to the end the taxi pick-up point is on your right.

To reach the mainline concourse, we suggest you use the lifts near the ticket sales area in the Underground concourse. Alternatively, turn right (south) at the top of the steps, continue for a couple of metres to avoid the passage then turn left (east). Go up three steps, going east, turn left (north), go up 19 steps, going north then turn right (east) and go up nine steps, going east, into the mainline concourse then turn left to face the platforms. You're on the far (east) side of the unit opposite the ticket sales area.

The taxis drop you off outside an assistance point. This is managed by Network Rail and is normally manned though you can phone for advice and assistance from here.

To locate the Underground concourse, leave the taxi and continue (east) along the pavement. The first turning left is towards the lifts and escalator, whilst the second turning, just beyond the bottom of the slope, leads to the Underground concourse.

For the lifts to either the Underground or mainline concourse, take the first turning left, then turn left again, the lift doors are in front of you. The escalator leads east from this area, up to the mainline Concourse, bringing you onto the far side of the unit opposite the ticket sales area, turn left to face the platforms.

For the stairs route to the car park and Underground concourse, turn left (north) then left again (west), go down 16 then seven steps, going west, into the passage. Turn left, (south) then right )west) and continue, up a slight slope towards the concourse. At the end of the passage, turn right (north). The escalators and stairs to the mainline concourse are on your right. Continue from here towards the ticket sales area and gate line.

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