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The station forms a subway under Euston road, a few metres east of the junction with Gower Street, to the south and North Gower Street, to the north.

Entrances and Exits

The station has two exits/entrances:

The North Entrance

You go down nine steps, going north, turn left (west) and go down 15 steps, going west into the subway. Continue west, there's a grid across the floor with gates to close the station. The station concourse starts here.

The South Entrance

You enter the station facing east into an area with tactile flooring. This irregular-shaped area contains:

West Side

  entrance from Gower Street

North Side


Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  steps to concourse
lift a, call button left of door

South Side, Going West

blank door

Via the Steps

Move slightly left (north) then continue forward (east) across more tactile flooring before going down eight steps, going northeast. Turn right (southeast), go down nine steps, going southeast then turn right again (southwest). Go down nine steps, going southwest, cross tactile flooring and turn right (northwest) into the passage. The passage veers right (north) then widens before the south gate line in front of you. Move left (west) and follow the left-hand side, up the four steps into the concourse.

Via the Lift

You go down to platform 1, westbound, in two stages, see the Lifts page for details.

Local Road Crossings

Euston Road

We suggest you cross this busy road via the station.

Melton Street

Although there is a crossing at the corner with Euston Road, we suggest, if you're going to Euston Station, you turn left and cross near the corner with Euston Street. See our route to Euston Mainline and Underground Stations for details.

Gower Street

There's a triangular island in the junction between Euston Road (east/west) and Gower Street (south). You cross, bearing right onto the island then turn left and cross again to reach the west side of Gower Street. This crossing has tactile paving throughout and there's a post with push button and rotating cone to each side as you cross each stage in either direction. Note you have to make a slight left turn on the island as you cross away from the station, a right turn as you cross towards the station. There is no crossing of Euston Road from the third side of this island.

North Gower Street

There's tactile paving at each side, but no formal crossing. This seemed to be a relatively quiet street at the time of our survey.

Local Buses

Euston Bus, Underground and Mainline stations are about 50 metres east of the north entrance, across Melton Street. See our guide to Euston Station for details.

Local Features

North Side of Euston Road, Going West from Melton Street

  metal gate
large office building, Euston Xchange
row of trees on left
second large building, empty at the time of our survey
pavement narrows with fruit stall on left
north entrance to station
wall retreats
Zone 1 Wine Bar and Restaurant
Snack Stop Coffee Bar, on corner with North Gower Street

Gower Street

We're advised that the University College Hospital is opposite the station, on the west side of Gower Street. The main entrance is on the south side of Euston Road.

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